Forney Area Election Results for May 13, 2006

Are you looking for election results? If so, here are all our election results.

For City Council:
Council Member, Place 1 / Concejal, Puesto uno
(vote for one - vote por uno)
419 (44.2%) Barbara Yates
530 (55.8%) David Holler
Council Member, Place 3 / Concejal, Puesto treis
(vote for one - vote por uno)
549 (58.7%) Robbie Powers
386 (41.3%) Skip Weatherford
Council Member, Place 5 / Concejal, Puesto cinco
(vote for one - vote por uno)
680 (79.1%) Darren Rozell
180 (20.9%) Todd Cox(write-in)

For Forney ISD Bond Package
The issuance of $232,195,000 of bonds and levying the tax in payment thereof, including the credit cost of any credit agreement executed in connection with the bonds
727 (34.3%) For
1390 (65.7%) Against

For Forney ISD school board trustee
FISD Trustees
957 Bruce Benedict
860 Becky Dobbs
788 Sandi Fudge
893 Tony Fitzgerald

Bonds For new County Courthouse
The issuance of general obligation bonds, not to exceed $21,500,000 to pay for the construction and equipping of a new county courts building
1928 (32.6%) For
3980 (67.4%) Against


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