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Are you looking for election results? If so, here are all our election results.

More info available at Forney Votes.
Polling locations are listed below

Photographic Voter ID now required!

Leave your cell phone in your car, or turn it off! According to TX State Law:
(a) A person may not use a wireless communication device within 100 feet of a voting station.
(b) A person may not use any mechanical or electronic means of recording images or sound within 100 feet of a voting station.

Check your registration status on TX website - seems to work best using name, county, DOB. It will also show what voter precinct you are in, which should be 1 - 32.

Curbside voting is available at All locations for voters unable to physically enter the building, or who have COVID symptoms.
Have someone notify a poll worker, or for assistance call 469-376-4576, 469-376-4578 or 469-376-4595.

Please follow the Health Protocols for Elections.

June 18, 2022 City Council Runoff.

The local candidates are (incumbents shown as (I)):