Forney, Texas City Information

Forney Area Telephone Numbers
Forney City Hall 972-552-2291
101 E. Main
P.O. Box 826
Forney, TX 75126
Forney Police Dept. 972-564-7600  /  972-552-3932
Records Fax: 972-552-9871
Administration Fax: 972-564-7620
Criminal Investigation: 972-564-7630
Non-Emergency Dispatch: 972-564-7640
110 Justice Center Dr.
Forney Volunteer Fire Dept. 972-552-2211 100 E. Aimee St.
Forney Municipal Court
Judge Margaret Spain
(fax: 972-564-7321)
331 S. FM 548
P.O. box 826
M - F, 8AM - 5PM
Ellen Brooks West Memorial Library 972-564-7027 FHS
Forney Recycle Center   The recycle center is now closed.
Most items will now be picked up curb-side.
Kaufman County Precinct 2 -
Commissioner Ray Clark
972-564-4054 200 E. Main St.
Kaufman County Precinct 2 -
Constable Joe Don Law
972-564-4054 200 E. Main St.
Judge Patricia B. Ashcroft
Justice of the Peace
972-564-3786 200 E. Main St.

City of Forney Officials
Rick Wilson Mayor  
Cory McGee Council Member  
Shaun Myers Council Member  
Robbie Powers Council Member  
Kevin Moon Council Member  
Mary Penn Council Member  
David Johnson Council Member  
City Manager 972-552-2291
Dorothy Brooks City Secretary 972-564-3148
(Past Mayors: Darren Rozell, Darrell Grooms, Weldon Bowen, Don Cates, Mike Adams)
(Past Council: Ray Stephens, Scott Regan, Darrell Hobbs, Andy Parker, James Hatley, Brian Haughey, Rodney Vike)
(Past City Mangers: James Fisher, Brian Brooks, Ron Patterson, Jim McConnell)

Forney Economic Development Corp.

Planning & Zoning Board:
  • Brigham Wilcoxson - Chairman
  • Justin Bowen- Vice-Chair
  • Steve Cunningham
  • Keith Wilkins
  • Ann Lemons
  • John Carr
  • Kyle Brothers

(Past members: Kathryn Coffman, Roger Cross, Ronnie Rexrode, Mark Safford, Kym Tayamen, Fred Alexander, Robert Dobbs(chmn), Susan Seabolt, David Johnson, Skip Weatherford, Keith Wilkins, David Yandell, Ray Stephens, Darrell Hobbs, Wade Gent, Pete Delgado, John Hervey, James Hatley, Jeff Pruitt, Dennis Rollins, Michael Zmolik, Robert Burch, Mark Lacey, Eric Carter(chmn), Robbie Powers, Robert Smith )
Parks Board:
  • Larry Hartwick - Chairman
  • Mike Lamb
  • Nate Dettmer
  • Ryan Cox
  • Kim Welch
  • Zachary Box
  • Toby Daniels

(Past members: Jody Eastep(chair), Cory McGee, Roger Jones, Audra Carr, Michelle Williams, Tony Fitzgerald, Tony Gonzales, Becky Roberts, John Schubert, Ticoy Young, Roger Cross, Lisa Clough, Brenda Brewer, Laura Hughes, Liz Lawless, Gayle Fischer, Jeff Fudge, Heidi Bassett)
Board of Adjustments:
  • Jeremy VanHoover - chairman
  • Donald Price
  • Rick Henrich
  • Dawn Vincent
  • Pharisa B. Smith-King
  • Edward Gutling
  • Trey Slinkard
  • Jennifer Kilpatrick

(Past members: Kathryn Coffman, Thomas Bedingfield, Ray Wylie, Rick Westergaard, Gene Condon, Tina Carter, Jory Walker, Prevell Hardin,Curtis Marshal, Raymond Smith, Hattie West, Mike Adams, Kim Lacey, Stacey Carter, Richard Tavern, Joe Eatherly, Don Scott, Clifton Dewberry, Chuck Mumm, Mike Jones, Larry Lehman, Jasper Calvin, Janice Wood, David Johnson )
Annexation Board:
  • Sid Holcomb
  • Fred Alexander
  • Jim Griffin
  • Jeff Pruitt
  • Marvin Prestridge
2006 Bond Committee
  • Chris Briggs
  • Cindy Calcaterra
  • Melissa Clayborn
  • Roger Cross
  • Mark Ellis
  • Lisa Gaskill
  • Brian Haughey
  • David Johnson
  • Ray Wylie

Some data provided by the Forney Chamber of Commerce.



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